What to Buy Your Black Woman for Christmas

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I’ve written a lot about how to get into a relationship with a black woman. And on how to navigate certain bumps, like the holidays, so that your union with her remains intact. Another part of dating a black woman, especially during the holidays, is gift giving. Therefore, I want to keep the support coming with this handy guide.

Maybe you’ve never dated a black woman before and have never bought a gift for a black woman, so I want to help. Or maybe you’ve dated plenty of black women and bought many gifts and are hoping for some fresh ideas, I’ve got you covered too. Below is a list of gift ideas sure to delight and excite the black Queen in your life.

*Full Disclosure* I’m in Amazon’s Associates Affiliate Program, which gives me a small percentage if you click on the links from this article and buy something. The prices are exactly the same on Amazon, so you won’t pay more by clicking on these referral links. Everything on this list I actually own and bought myself, or was a gift from my man.

Shea butter $5.49

This is an amazing moisturizer!! It’s super cheap and gets the job done, especially this time of year when it’s cold and my skin can get really dry and ashy.

Saucony Sneakers — RED $15.68 — $55.00

I have 2 pairs of these sneakers, 1 in black and gold and the other in white and gray. I actually don’t own the red ones (yet) but I want them really badly. Anyway, these shoes are really cute and sleek and they look great in clothes even though I also wear them to work out. They’re a throwback classic that not everyone owns so they’ll stand out.

Kleen Kanteen original & insulated $17.00 — $69.80

I’d never heard of these water bottles before I met my Chad (aka white guy) and now I have 3 of them, 2 insulated and 1 non-insulated. They’re great for when your lady is on the go and wants to carry a beverage to stay hydrated. And the insulated ones are perfect for keeping liquids hot (or cold) as needed. Also, if you’re the kind of person who loves to hike and wants your gal to come with, she’ll need one of these. They come in some fun colors like purple and hot pink — my personal favs!

Giro Reverb Bike Helmet $29.95 — $126.34

I ride a bike to and from work half the year. I would’ve never dreamed of doing such a thing in New York City but my Chad is a big bike rider and he converted me. Now, I love it. My old helmet didn’t fit my head very well and wasn’t a fun color. I got this helmet in orange and white and it looks really cute and it fits over my Afro.

Columbia Raincoat $37.98 — $130.64

So, my Chad loves to hike and camp. He got me this jacket early on in our 7 year relationship and I’ve used it a lot on our travels. If your lady loves the outdoors or you’ll be taking her outdoors a lot and want her to start loving it as much as you do, I highly recommend this jacket. It’s waterproof, warm and comes in great colors!! It’s fly and functional.

Ralph Lauren Polarized Aviator Sunglasses $128.95

My man and his family are super into polarized sunglasses. As I mentioned, we travel a lot and go to the beach a lot. I realized I’d never invested in a nice pair of shades before. I was the type of person who lost sunglasses often so I’d usually just get some that were super cheap. These are my first pair on the pricey end. I’ve had them for over a year and I love them. They look great on black women!

Apple Airpod $177.98

I hesitated on buying these for a while because my ears are small and I was afraid they wouldn’t stay in. The earphones that come with the iPhone never fit in my ears and I assumed these would behave the same way but for me, they don’t! I wear them running and working out. I’ve even worn them riding my bike to and from work. I will say that if my ears get sweaty from a ride or run that I have to push them back in because they loosen up. Overall, however, they fit in my ear comfortably and I use them all the time.

Black Ugg Snow Boots $194.95 — $231.94

I went skiing with my Chad in inferior boots and my feet were cold and wet the entire trip. These boots have not disappointed me yet. They keep my feet warm and dry. If your woman will be in the snow, these boots will not disappoint.

Michael Kors Black Leather Satchel $239.95

I adore this purse. When I carry it I feel like Olivia Pope. I stand up straighter and walk even more fiercely. Love this bag.

That’s all for now. Best of luck shopping for your Nubian Queens this holiday season! I hope they love your purchases.

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Lawyer, Comic & Writer with over 764K views: I love rules, writing & laughing. https://linktr.ee/AndreaColemanComedy