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Aren’t you controversial? How very Meghan Markle of you! How Iman-esqe! Honestly, move over Serena Williams, because you’re in town now! Maybe you have a specific white dude already in mind and you want some insider tips on how to navigate the ebony/ivory road. Maybe you don’t have a particular “Chad” in mind but you watched the royal wedding or back episodes of “Scandal” or even re-watched Sanaa Lathan in “Something New” and you’re curious. Whatever the reason, it doesn’t matter to me why you’re reading this article. No judgment here sis, I’m here to help. I’m black, my man…

First of all, I applaud your ambition. Of all the interracial configurations available to you, the black woman to white man grouping is the most charged. You’re certainly on brand with the confidence level or on brand with your obliviousness to the situation. Either way, you’re on brand and I’m here to support you.

Now, because you’re a white man, I assume you want to know my qualifications to assist you — white men love a CV and references. I’m a black woman who’s been in a relationship with a white man for 6 years. I’m from the south and…

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Please don’t come for me. I know this may be a triggering thought, but hear me out. I understand the tendency to roll your eyes, close your ears and walk away when someone starts spouting what, to you, sounds like nonsense. But I strongly urge you to reconsider.

I say this is as a Trial Attorney with over 14 years of experience: making the “opposing side” your enemy is a bad strategy. A bad life strategy and a bad negotiation strategy. If you’re really interested in serenity and/or changing someone’s mind, making friends works best.

Hate is ugly

We’ve all heard the old…

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I’ve written a lot of articles teaching white men how to have relationships with black women. If you’ve followed my advice closely many of you out there could be in a relationship with a black woman right now (congrats!) and finding yourself in the position of needing to maintain her Afro.

Most of you, probably not.

I’m aware this could be a niche market. Very niche. Let’s be honest, it’s a rare breed of man who has a desire to maintain someone else’s Afro, even if it is their woman’s. …

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If you’ve read my other article, “How to Get A Guy Back After He Dumps You,” then you know my answer to this question is yes because I’ve taken 4 dudes back after they dumped me. But people definitely left comments questioning why anyone would ever take back a person who dumped them. Some were appalled by the idea of it. Obviously, if you don’t like the person anymore then don’t take them back. But if they dumped you then presumably, you didn’t want the relationship to end. Therefore, if they try to get you back, maybe GO BACK. …

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I’ve been an Attorney for over 14 years. My job is to argue with people — in court, at conferences, during depositions, outside lobbies, anywhere really. I spend whole days engaging with people who want the exact opposite thing than I want. My track record for success is high. My job as a trial lawyer is to get the jury or the judge or even opposing counsel on my side, to get them to see things my way and not the other guy’s way. Is there someone, or many someones, in your life whose mind you want to change? …

My journey to hell and back with my skin.

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In my playwriting and screenwriting, I’ve often found myself drawn to creating stories about women who want to kill themselves or try to kill themselves or who are about to die. So it shouldn’t have surprised me when life imitated art. But it did.

I can’t tell you what exactly was wrong with me medically. The doctors still don’t know and I’ve seen many. But my symptoms were that I had an itchy scale-y leathery rash that covered both arms, my neck, my torso and my breasts. It was horrible. I’m not a model or anything and I wouldn’t consider…

A Stand-up Re-enters Comedy

Photo of the Author taken by Taylor Steele during her first performance post lock-down

I am, among other things, a stand up comic. The pandemic shut down live performance in New York City and I didn’t realize how much I’d miss it until I wasn’t having it. I’d been performing in front of an audience my whole life. I started off in church, like so many black performers. I grew up in southeast Virginia and attended, along with most of my relatives, a Black Baptist church. There were loads of opportunities for kids to get up in front of the “crowd.” Read scripture, giving announcements, taking up the collection. …

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I’ve been a litigator for over 14 years. I practice in New York City, mainly in Brooklyn. I’ve had some incredible epic experiences in court. Like moments where everyone is shocked and amazed by the outcome, opposing counsel, the judge, even me. You know that look on Tom Cruise’s face in “A Few Good Men” when Jack Nicholson finally admits that he ordered the code red? And Tom’s all like kinda dumbfounded for a second and almost doesn’t know what to do because he really didn’t expect to win? That. That’s how it felt to me in court many times.

I’ve never written a movie review in my life. I feel a bit out of my depth. Wondering, am I even allowed to publicly share my thoughts on a movie since I am in no way seasoned in the film critic arena. That said, I saw the movie last night and I friggin loved it so here goes. No one ever complains about too much love. Scratch that. I’m sure some people would complain about that.

Anyway, “Free Guy” is an action movie/comedy starring Killing Eve’s Jodi Comer and Deadpool’s Ryan Reynolds. I went for Jodi Comer. I’ve been patiently/desperately…

Andrea Coleman

Lawyer, Comic & Writer with over 750K views: I love rules, writing & laughing.

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