4 Tips for White People Attending Their First Black Church

Andrea Coleman
4 min readDec 19, 2018
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It’s the Christmas season and with interracial relationships on the rise, thanks in small part I hope to the articles I’ve written, I want to keep the support going. My man is white and I’m black and when he first came to visit my family for Christmas 6 years ago he’d never attended a black church. By black church, I mean a church where the pastor, choir and most, if not all, of the parishioners are black.

There are obviously a ton of similarities between black and white churches, but the differences are where the comedy is. So, for you Chads and Lindseys about to attend your first black church here are some tips so that you’re prepared.

1. The service will be long. Longer than any church service you’ve ever been to before. I’m sorry.

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So, from my experience, white church services are about an hour. Black church services are significantly longer than that. How long? Ever run a marathon? Of course you have, white people love marathons. Well, that’s how long this service will be. Minimum of 2 hours could be 3. I’m sorry. Listen, bring snacks. You shouldn’t play on your phone, that’s rude but taking “notes” ie doodling with a paper and pen is fine. You could also offer to take a kid or elderly person to the bathroom, that takes up some time. But honestly, even though the service is long it’ll be so loud and interactive you will not be bored.

2. Don’t wear jeans. Every Sunday is “Easter Sunday” at a black church. So, come correct.

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What do I mean by come correct? Look nice. Really nice. Wear a pretty sweater throw on a pimpin’ scarf. You don’t have to wear a purple suit or a fedora but there will be black people there who are wearing those things. Ask the black person bringing you what passes as acceptable and be prepared to step it up. You know how to look fly Lindsey.



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